3 Wick Rustic Dough Bowl Candle - Mango & Coconut Milk

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Soy candle scent Mango & Coconut Milk hand-poured in a dough bowl in natural wood. Each candle is filled with dye-free soy wax with 3 wicks.

Each dough bowl is hand carved and will vary in appearance. Each candle comes shrink-wrapped to provide protection.

Made in United States of America

Approximate Dimensions (sizes vary) 9”-10” L X 6”-7” W X 2”- 3” H Each candle has a minimum of 13 oz of soy wax with an average burn time of 40-45 hours.

From the Makers: We are proud to create all of our candles that use 100% soy wax without any additives, binders, UV inhibitors, scent enhancers and infused with essential oils. It was important for us to support the USA farmers as part of our heritage and how we were raised. All of our wax is raised right here in the USA supporting our very important farming community.