The Untethered Soul: the journey beyond yourself

The Untethered Soul: the journey beyond yourself

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The New York Times bestseller everyone is talking about -

What would it be like to free yourself from external limitations and live freely from chasing what you want to happen and fearing what you don't want to happen? Discover inner peace and well being all the time which is your natural state. The Untethered Soul-now a New York Times bestseller-offers simple yet profound solutions to help quiet the mind and discover how to feel a deep sense of well being and joy.

Change your life today and get off the hamster wheel. Have you ever noticed that no matter what you get you still want something else? It never ends. This is one reason you have anxiety and stress.  Chasing external things makes you overthink and feel anxious and worry. You are telling your mind to figure out a way to get these things to make yourself feel better inside.  External wants are just temporary fixes that don't result in long term happiness.  Learn to relax and be ok with the present while letting go of the past. All the weight of the past is holding you back. Today is all there is.

Author: Michael A. Singer

Genre: Philosophy