Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her in 2023

Valentine's Day is a tap on the shoulder to remind us to tell the people we care about that we appreciate them. You can do this with a romantic partner, an interest or even friends and family. 

Even though it seems that we just got past the holiday gift giving season, a simple gesture in the middle of winter will go a long way. And lets face it, women love to feel appreciated and cared for. So here are some ideas to express that you care for a special lady in your life. Tip: Keep it about the gift receiver not about what you like.

You don't need to spend a ton to really impress someone with jewelry. Simple staple pieces that she can match with most things go a long way. Think about what she normally wears the most and don't try to reinvent the wheel. If she is in to small studs earrings or hoop earrings then a variation of this will work great as an addition or backup to her go to pieces.

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These slippers from Malvados are the most comfortable slippers ever. Seriously, every girl should have a pair. If she is walking around on a cold floor this winter, definitely buy her a pair of these as a Valentines gift. She will for sure be wearing these around the house talking about how comfortable these slippers are.



Body Care
Honestly, a girl can never really have enough body care. Lotions, soaps, and bath bombs are a big hit with most. We love to pamper ourselves to feel super feminine. Here are some handmade natural bath bombs with crystals that she can soak in a tub and relax away the day with an added value of crystal intuition.



You may have noticed that women like to express themselves. Not just with you but all the time. Channeling our emotions is just natural. A journal is a great way for her to write out or draw to put down how she is feeling and thoughts she is having. It is a very therapeutic way to end the day and express ideas and plans for the future. A beautiful creative journal or sketch book is a perfect gift and she will think of you when she picks it up!


Who doesn't want some fun socks? A cute pair of socks will surely get her smiling.  It's a fun, simple gesture that can pair with another gift for a romantic partner or a sweet Galentine's gift for your girlfriends.


Cozy Cardigan
A comfy cardigan, can a girl ever have too many? They pair great with almost anything and there are so many styles out there these days that it's almost impossible to have all of them. It's nice to throw one on to wear around the house especially if they have pockets to slip your phone in. Then if you need to run out your all set without having to change. A cardigan will make a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift for her.



If Your Really Want to go all out this year and lay your cards down, put together a gift basket of all these ideas plus any others you may have. She is guaranteed to be impressed with your effort and it will separate you from the pack. She will know you really care for her and that will not be forgotten anytime soon or probably ever.

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