A Brief History of the Majestic Peacock in Fashion

Pretty as a Peacock, the saying goes, referring to the beautiful feathers the peacock adorns. In fashion, peacocks are often depicted as a force of elegance, a sign of vanity, vitality, and confidence.

Peacocks are sometimes a symbol of spirituality as well across many cultures. Some think the peacock is a blessing from god and others say the peacock is a sign of luck. The peacock opens his feathers to the peahen in mating. The opening of oneself to another is thought of as self acceptance which one must do before being ready for love a deep form of spirituality.

There is a long history of peacocks in fashion. Sometimes we see them in a silhouette, a pattern, a color palette and also the actual peacock image. Here are a few examples of peacocks in history in fashion and a little collection honoring the iconic heraldic creature. 

 Edwardian Period

1909 Vogue Cover by Illustrator J. Allen St. John


1910 Evening Gown from Paris depicting the peacock embroidered in the bodice and printed on the skirt of the dress.  



1909 Vogue Cover Illustration


 Vogue Cover July 29, 1909  Illustration


Belle Époque

Paul Poiret's 1911 lampshade costume with peacock colored jewels


Peacock Silhouette gown by Lucille 1913



Vogue Cover April 15, 1915 by George Plank


1915 kaftan inspired dress with peacock print from Liberty, a department store in London.


Vogue cover 1918 by Illustrator George Plank


Peacock palette and feathers on Dior's Zigzag collection, Illustrator Demachy, 1948 Cover by Modes de Travoux


The Peacock Revolution

A metaphor for the colorful male creature became a 1960's menswear trend when men began challenging the traditional look expected of them and incorporating bold colors, prints and frills.

Pink Floyd like so many bands of the late 60's grew their hair long and joined the peacock revolution in menswear.




Peacocks are males that open their feathers to primarily attract a female peahen as a mate, scare off predators and to maintain their territory from competitor peacocks vying for the peahen's attention. The peahens choose which peacocks to mate with after viewing their open beautiful peacock feathers. The openness the peacock shows by opening his feathers to show the peahen that he is the one that she should choose is one that fashion has taken notice of and chosen as an image of strength and beauty.

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