Summer Travel Style with Jackie O

In one of the most iconic eras of fashion during the 1960's, the most revered style icon of the decade wasn't a super model, a movie star, or a musician, it was a mother of four. Jackie O's classic American style was the epitome of what every designer and woman coveted to capture in their own style.  

Interestingly, her style has two lifelines; the first when she was Jackie Kennedy and the second time around as Jackie Onasis.  Her look during the early 60's was tailored and refined while married to John Kennedy.  Then she reemerged in the 70's after marrying shipping tycoon Aristotle Onasis with a more free spirited feel to her well put together style.  Both eras of Jackie included Summer travel as these looks are adored by many and shows a peek into her personality in down time as a mother and a woman.

Here we will look more at her Jackie Onasis years because she seems to be more herself when the world wasn't watching and critiquing. Referring to her as a nickname; Jackie O, not using any husbands' names to define her. She really radiates confidence through each look as she moves through streets in various cities and countries often on her own. But what is most striking about her is how she carries her dignity through the years, head held high despite her family being the speculation of many. She lost two babies and two husbands during her lifetime but you never see her lose her self respect. Never complaining to the world and always family comes first. She is enigma to many and lets her style communicate where her head is at.

Jackie O's Summer travel style is really a story of accessories paired with basics. Many of these looks are something anyone can pull off probably with what they have on hand for the most part. Summer is a time to keep it simple and more of a state of mind.


First look at Jackie Kennedy has her looking refined as ever in this matching classic yellow checkered sleeveless top and skirt. Gold jewelry and straw hat tie it together. This is the look of the classic Camelot years. Recreate with bright and cheery dress, gold jewelry and straw hat.


Jackie playing on the beach her children in white pants and yellow tee. Notice the cut of the tee is classic, not too loose and not too form fitting. 



Bright colors in basic boatneck top and yellow pants. The matching head scarf and big sunglasses are what make this look stand out.


Same look here with red tee and blue pants, this time the head scarf matches the pants and again the large sunglasses and sandals at the beach.


Strolling with her children in white cropped pants and fitted black tee. Large sunglasses. Very laid back without shoes.


Here is a cute mini dress with long sleeves in stripes. Accessories are sunglasses, a watch and bracelet. 



Here is Jackie in another variation of her go to white pants this time flared with solid tee. This time she is wearing a more form fitting tee but ads a belt to accentuate the waistline which also gives it more personality. Worn with her signature large sunglasses and sandals as she strolls the streets in Italy.


Here is Jackie on her 40th birthday leaving a nightclub with her husband in a large print mini dress and mixed strand of pearls and long earrings. 


In this look she pairs a solid black long sleeves and knee length skirt but its the large gold belt that really elevate this look. Additionally, her flat body hugging leather bag is key here. Strolling through the streets in sunglasses and sandals looking happy and carefree.


Out exploring the street scene in Capri we see her in printed pants this time, solid tee with belt, hoop earrings, head scarf, sunglasses and sandals carrying a clutch purse. 


 Here are some things to have on hand to recreate some of these looks. Mix and match and make it your own. If you go through your closet you probably have many of these items on hand. Create your look and get out and explore!

Tees of basic colors classic or form fitting
White Pants
Solid Color Pants
Printed Pants

Prints of various styles in classic cut such as a shift dress and mini dress
Matching Top and Skirt in cheery colors

Head Scarf
Hoop Earrings
Gold bracelets
Body hugging bag

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