Linda Ronstadt's Eclectic Style and Accessories

  She came on the music scene in 1966 with the Stone Poney's before going on her own in 1969. Linda Ronstadt was clearly not afraid to venture into different music genres and has great successes in different areas of music from country rock, folk rock to pop-jazz and country.  I think her fashion style is underrated and as eclectic as her music style.  Linda Ronstadt's iconic looks are really about her accessories. She adopted the popular styles of the day throughout her long career but her signature hoop earrings, flower in her hair, layered necklaces and flowing scarves are what made her stand out.  Here's a look at some favorite looks throughout the years.

60's & Laurel Canyon Days
She was just 18 when she started playing music in the 60's and really adopted the simple shift dresses of the era. Even though she was in with the Laurel Canyon hippie crowd, to her credit she kept a more sweet approach to the look. Here she is as a 20 something in the 60s and one of the 'Ladies of the Canyon' as Joni Mitchell's song goes. Shift dresses, large hoops earrings and braided hair. First time seeing a flower in her hair which came to be one of her iconic looks. She is also wearing the large hoops that she often seen wearing throughout the 60s and 70s. And usually barefoot.




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70's Girl Next Door
Those shaggy bangs couldn't be more girl next door. Playing in cropped top and jeans, large hoops earrings, layered necklaces, flower in the hair with jeans; Linda was one of the most successful musicians of the 1970s. She did it with an eclectic array of music and girl next door style.

Late 70's transitioning to a softer look and sound.

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Sultry 1980's
She was definitely ready to show the world she was all grown up. The hair often toppled on her head with a more grown up 40s something approach to her look, Linda really was a beautiful grown up woman by this point bypassing many of her prior contemporaries who were stuck in the 60s.





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 "Fortunately, I’ve never felt that music is a competition, so it doesn’t matter if Joni Mitchell can sing better than I can, or Bonnie Raitt, who can sing rings around me anytime. I just did what I did and tried the best that I could.” Linda Ronstadt



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