Jewelry Trend: Playful Shapes with Astronomical and Nature Objects

During this time of emergence from a close few to an outside world, people are ready to have fun with fashion. We can dress up again and enjoy fashion in a joyful mood especially with jewelry. Positive, uplifting pieces are what people are seeking. Playful shapes express a feeling of cheer. 

We are incorporating shapes into our jewelry collections with astronomical objects and objects of nature. Why? Because in 2021 we are leaving the indoors and heading outdoors much more. Our ever present earth, sun, moon and stars are our constant companions. 

Now is a great time to have fun with your jewelry and remind yourself that you can always look to nature for comfort and peace when you need a distraction from life. Nature is the cheapest way to boost mental health. There are countless studies that support the benefits of being in nature and on helping with stress, anxiety and depression. The sun, moon and stars also carry a special meaning to those who follow astrology charts. Gold is still the most popular metal with this trend. 

You can incorporate astronomical and nature shapes into your jewelry with our Moon and Star huggie earrings, Gold Crescent Moon Hoop earrings, CZ Flower huggie earrings, Opal Starburst Earrings, Crescent Moon Necklace, Star Coin Necklace, Point Wave Stacking Ring, Opal Moon Ring, Turquoise Flower bracelet, mini Sun pendant Necklace. We also carry many beautiful natural gems and stones in our rings such as labradorite, blue topaz, black onyx and moonstone. Our jewelry is all handmade by jewelry makers in the U.S. and some are also made by the store owner.

It’s a great time to start incorporating nature into your jewelry and your daily life. Maybe the next time you look down at your turquoise flower bracelet or moonstone ring you might be reminded to go on a long walk through your closest park or go to your closest observatory to look at the night skies and remember there's a whole universe out there.

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