Effortless Retro Summer Style

Having a fun and memorable Summer takes some planning but being prepared to look and feel light as a bird with effortless Summer style shouldn't have to create another thing to stress about.  Here are some ideas to look effortlessly chic in a number of retro inspired styles.

Mid-60's Inspired
The Mid Sixties was the age of the child. It was a time to escape from the conformity and seriousness of adulthood and become more child like. The styles took on a child like look and feel. Big round baby doll eyes with fake lashes and baby doll like clothing became all the rage. Additionally Gingham fabric was also very popular as well as floral prints. Here are some examples.

Twiggy in baby doll stylesmid 60s style
Sewing pattern for rompers also refered to as playsuits at the time.sixties rompers
Bridget Bardot in ginghamgingham bridget bardot


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 A modern take on the mid-sixties baby doll look as a romper or playsuit as they called it.  Choose from the mid 60's popular gingham or floral print. How can you not want  to play all day in one of these? 

Baby doll romper in gingham

Baby doll Floral Romper




Early-60's Inspired
Capri pants and simple top were Jackie O's signature Summer travel look. She had a way of pulling off a simple piece such as the capri pants also called chinos and adding a touch of sophistication by adding large sunglasses, sandals and a headscarf.  The top was often rotated between a mix of boatneck, tee or button up. Here she is in her travel style.


Capri Pants, Sleeveless Top

Jackie O Capri Pants

Capri Pants and Basic Tee  Capri Pants with Collared Top


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These stylish capri pants with a cute tie belt and an updated but simple top and sunglasses will have you out the door in no time looking effortlessly sophisticated. 

1940s, 50s Inspired
In another lifetime I was happy housewife who took care of my sweet husband in domesticated bliss. And I probably wore cute penafore dresses with large front pockets so I could easily access things I needed throughout the day. That is just the thing a woman of the 40s would wear. Today we call them apron dresses but they are still super cute and functional. Later on in the 50's dresses came to be more flared, Here is an easy wrap version.

Another popular look among homemakers throughout the decades but most famously in the 40's was the wartime button down shirt dress. It has gone through many incarnations but its simplicity makes it a standard design for over 100 years.


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Here are some of the modern takes on the apron dress, wrap dress and the shirt dress which originated way back to over 100 years.

A wrap apron dress in a beautiful floral print

Lovely wrap dress

Shirt dress with incredible detailing





Adding some retro styled accessories can add some much dimension to the simplest of looks. Here are some great throwback styles.