60’s Iconic Fashion Moments

The 1960s were a decade of groundbreaking fashion that still influences modern styles. From the mod looks of Twiggy to the bohemian chic of Janis Joplin, the fashion of the '60s was defined by a sense of rebellion and individuality. Here is a brief look at some of the most iconic fashion moments of the 1960s:

The mini skirt

  1. The mini skirt is perhaps the most iconic fashion trend of the 1960s. British designer Mary Quant is credited with popularizing the mini skirt, which was scandalously short for its time. The mini skirt became a symbol of women's liberation. Popular skirt lengths change contently but the mini skirt is an iconic look that can be pulled off with tights and a small heel and a cute sweater or top.


The shift dress

  1. The shift dress was a popular style in the 1960s, characterized by its simple, boxy shape and lack of waistline. The shift dress was a departure from the more structured styles of the 1950s and emphasized comfort and ease of movement. It was also a popular canvas for bold patterns and colors. A favorite look at some favorite ladies of the 1960's. Fun and youthful and experimental. 


Go-go boots

  1. Go-go boots were a must-have accessory in the 1960s. These knee-high boots were typically made of patent leather or vinyl and featured a low heel. They were often worn with mini skirts or shift dresses and became a symbol of the mod movement. Go go boots are a fun way to roll back the fashion clock.


Psychedelic prints

  1. The 1960s were known for their bold, psychedelic prints, which were inspired by the era's experimentation with altered states of consciousness. These prints featured bright colors, swirling patterns, and trippy motifs, and they were used on everything from dresses to wallpaper.


The turtleneck sweater

  1. The turtleneck sweater was a staple of 1960s fashion. This cozy knit was often worn with mini skirts or wide-leg pants and was a favorite of style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. The turtleneck sweater has remained a classic piece of winter fashion ever since.


The iconic 1960's are a fun way to mix in some color and personality to your style. We have an assortment of subtle and more straight from the 60s styles in both new and vintage to check out in store.